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Futurama. Duh.
THE community for nerdlingers who love Futurama.

Post favorite lines, debate about the best episodes. Post fanart and fanfiction, set up dates and places for marathon meetings, wax poetic about Fry and Leela, idolize Bender, worship the Hypnotoad (all glory!)... Pretty much anything you want, as long as it's Futurama related.

Do not post NSFW images out in the open. They belong behind cuts that are CLEARLY labeled for content. Don't be a jerkberg- if an image is huge, put it behind a cut. Also, don't link to non-Futurama related sites about non-Futurama related info, no matter how cool something is. If it corresponds with a nerdlinger in-joke, go ahead... but use good judgment. Posting spam will get you a stern talking-to and possibly a spanking (and not the good kind). Watch the first page and on fast days possibly even the second page for reposts. Use your good judgment here guys-- this is only enforced as it becomes annoying (more news related than nerdgasm related.)

DO NOT POST SPOILERS OUT IN THE OPEN. That includes reactions, quotes, images, whatever. Spoiler policy is in effect for each new episode until the following episode is aired or one week goes by, whichever comes first. We've all been waiting a long time for this, so use good judgment and don't be a jerkberg. Instant sonic diarrhea (aka warnings and possible bans) to anyone who violates spoiler policy. Episodes start June 24th at 10 (Eastern) on Comedy Central, so make sure you set your pathetically primitive recording devices!

All posts should be in English, or a translation should be provided.

Here are some Interesting posts that everybody should keep in mind.
regarding spam, other policies, and just general wackiness from our mod team.glenngunnerzero's drunk ass

There are a ton of Futurama sites out there, including the official site but that's pretty crappy...Can't Get Enough Futurama is much better. Also check out The Leela Zone for another great fansite. That is, after you join this group, of course. And even once you do leave... You still have futurama! YOU ALL HAVE futurama!!

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