GreenAlien (_alien_) wrote in futurama,

Planet Express is very rich company

Remember "The Problem with Popplers" episode? They sold 12 popplers for 1$. Total number of eaten popplers is 194 billions, thus Planet Express should earn more than 16 billions dollars!
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but didn't they do it through Fishy Joe? surely he would've taken a HUGE percentage :P
"Fishy Joe decides to sell them at his restaurant, paying the crew $1 a dozen"
50/50 ;-)
Surely they could have afforded more seasons, then...
there is hope - one day - straight to the Moon there will be new seasons :)
Indeed. Amazing observation :)
I'm sure - there are a lot more unobserved facts :-) It's a sign of a very good quality of Futurama :)

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